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**Bearing Help**

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04 Foreman ES started making squeeling noises from the Rear Left side wheel. Look down and the wheel is a lil wobbly when jacked up and shaking 12 and 6 oclock (so instant instincts think of bad wheel bearing.) Well its 3 months later and I am attempting to fix it because of Mudfest this upcoming weekend (way to wait till the last minute).

Well I took off the left side of the axle tube to get started and look inside this thing and really have no idea what to do. When I ordered the wheel bearing 3 or so months ago I talked to 2 different dealers on trying to find out if their is a bearing in the tube or what, and 1 said yes, and 1 said no????? So just to be safe the one that said yes I had the parts person order me up the bearing and neccessary seals & etc...

Well this bearing looks very narrow compared to whatever the circular metal piece at the end of the tube is. Im stumped! Anyone ever change out a wheel bearing or ANYTHING that moves or would make a noise on the Rear Left axle tube or wheel?? Any help would be appreciated!
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Yes there is a bearing in that tube where the hub joins into it,just remove the tube from the diff and use a long punch or bar and tap out the old one and replace it with the new one.
Allhonda is right, just remove the axle tube and knock out the old race and install the new bearing and seal.
Cool thanks!

Is their a circlip holding it in or anything I need to remove prior to banging it out? Also what size is the new bearing supposed to be? It looks a lot skinnier than the wheel bearings that go in the front hubs. And which way does it come out, the short way or the long way? Im a idiot when it comes to 4 wheeler fixing, sorry.
no nothing holding it inplace but itself. Yes it is skinnier than the front wheel bearings. The bearing will knock out on the wheel side of the axle tube.
Man I love this site! Thanks again.
I am in the process of doing the same thing to mine and I think my noise is coming from the differential bearing though but while I have it apart I am going to do them all....Any tips or trcks to doing the differential one?????
Petty much the same idea but you have to drain the gear oil and unbolt the diff and crack it a part,you just have to remember where the shims go.If you rear end has always been clean,no water or dirt in it,i doubt that is your problem.If you have it a part,I like to put oil in the drive shaft to help keep the seal lubed.
I have it cracked apart about 1/2 inch but couldnt get it to go any farther...But I will try to work on it more tonight..I have to remove my Perfex Kit to have more room for it to slide out....Do I have to remove the tube from the right rear as well or just the left....Which way does the axle come out or does it?? I really need a manual for it but thats besides the point....

these guys are 100% correct !!! follow those steps and you should have no problem at all , but if you have a problem getting the race out i took a dremel tool with a cutting disc and cut in the center of the race . be careful dont go down to far or you will cut past the race and thats not good . the idea is if knocking it out is a problem then by cutting it in the middle it will be easier to pop out when tapping on it . just thought i would help out . trust me sometimes it can be a b**ch to get a race out .. good luck ...
I took my ride for a little test drive tonight, I'm was going to ride it today, but alas my front left tire is got a crazy wobble. Higher than 40 MPH is really shaky. i have been reading about bearings going out and don't have any play in the wheel. There was no popping or any noise at all. Any Ideas..

edit I figured it out, my rim is warped.
Well I got my axle shaft pulled out last night and brought it to work to have it cleaned up before I put it back in.....I have yet to finish taking the diff apart to replace them bearings but with working all day and then going home to a 1 month old I have no time really....Hopefully it will be back together by the weekend though....
trigger_time, i know you like you atv and all but do you really need to post a pic of it in EVERY topic you post in??
Well I had the guys at work sand blast my axle and I got the diff bearings on the way home from work now to do the deed....
Well I got it torn apart and back together....Runs smooth as silk now....Thanks for the tips....

350hondaman if it bothers u that much ill stop posting it !! good enough 4 u ? later .........
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