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Bearclaw vs. Mudlite

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Bearclaw vs. Mudlite
Hmmmm, pros and cons??!!??!!

These will be going on a 03 Rancher replacing stock tires and mounted on stock rims.

Tire sizes are 25X10X11 25X8X12

Bearclaw $238 (including shipping)
Mudlites $237 (free shipping)

I'm thinking Bearclaws cause of the more aggresive sidewall lugs.
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I haven't seen the bearclaws in person but I have the mudlites and they leave a lot to be desired if you ride much mud.
anything is better than a mudlite
QUOTE ("Flip 500":3krgyomi)
anything is better than a mudlite
Not stock tires!!!
ok ok I will make that one admission, mudlites are better than stockies
not by much though
its the difference between horrible and pathetic, no offense anybody
great for trail riding horrible for the mud
very true, but then again if it isn't wet i normally dont ride in it
Well not wanting to replace the stock rims, I'm kinda stuck.
I wanted Gators but cant find in these rim sizes!
So Bearclaws are no good?
What sizes can you find for it?
I have found 24x9x11 and 25x8x12, but no 25x9x11! I think I have looked everywhere. Most everything else I looked at for an 11" rim are only 25's.
What type of riding do you do? The mudlites are not the best mud tire but they are 1000 time better than stock. unless you are a serious mudder I think the mudlites are a good tire for what they are. A trail and go in the mud sometimes tire.
When I ride solo I avoid the big(fun) mud, especially with stock tires. When not solo though I play harder.
Okay I have decided on the Bearclaws.

Can I replace a 24x8x12 with 25x10x12 and a 24x9x11 with 25x12.50x11 on stock rims without any problems? I wouldnt mind going a little wider than I had planed. But not sure on the 12.5. Still around $300.

well ive got mudlites , they r 28 inch and they will go all the places my mudzillas went! and wiegh about half of the zillas . there are 2 types of mudlites , there is an xl which has a deep lug and an at which has a lug like a stock tire . you guys must be talking about the at tire when yall say it sucks in mud !!!! just my opion but my mudlites have run with itp 589s and mudzillas and never failed me yet !!
Everywhere we ride in south GA, Mudlites dont do anything! They gum up really quick and you just go to the bottom. Just like today, I got stuck TWICE because of mudlites! The only thing mudlites are good for is to build a fire.
marshmallows anyone
i have the 26" mud lites and have no quams about them..i dont do excessive mudding with them but when we all go riding i rarely pass up a mudhole...every tire has their pros and what ya like....
Will a 12.50" tire fit on the stock 11" rear rim? Will it rub the muffler or anything? Thinking about going with 12.5 in the back and a 10" on front.
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