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Bear Claws

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i have a Rancher AT and considering a set of tires

i mostly ride trail and a little mud

im looking at the bear claws because they are the only tire i can find in the factory sizes,

and yes i would like to stick to 24 because i want to retain the little power i do have

any opinions greatly appreciated

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Bearclaws will do you fine for mostly trail riding. You should not have a prob w/ 25s even. Dirtdevils (come in 24s also) are good, if not better, trail tires as well. For a similar price too.
I have the 25 mudlights on my Rancher AT and it turned them fine i could even still sling it around. almost like stock tires

are you running the AT are LX 25 inch mudlites?

i really want to keep my factory black rims and the XL only comes in 12 rims.
yea im running the AT's hey fit on my factory black wheels
On my 350 i have 25" Mud Bugs 12" on rear and 10" on front. Excellent in mud, sand, snow. Rough ride on hard pack. Did find a loss in power. Just bought 25" Bear Claws for my wife's 350. 12.5" on rear and 10" on front. Going this Sunday to try them, we just got 10 - 12 inch of snow.
bearclaws do great on trails but the tread is really small.
I have no experience with other tires on this particular quad, but I rode a Rubicon with stock tires on the trails for a few miles and then my Rubicon with 27" Bear Claws all around and did not feel much of a difference in the ridee,,,,very smooth on the trails I found.

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Just got back from a ride. 10 -12 inch of snow, had an awesome time. This was the first time with Bear Claws, thay worked well in snow, happy with them, did not see loss of power.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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