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bear claw question

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one more question and this one is about the kendas bear claw tires a few members and myself have been discussing the 26s and 27s what I would like to know is which tires does the bear claws with the extra thick tread start at? is it 26 or 27's
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the 26" bearclaws have the extra tread in the rear but the 27" bear claws have the extra tread in the front and rear.
hey mad mudder what would you personaly believe i should go with the 26s or 27s? im using the bike for trails and mainly hunting
here is the problem i found with the 26" bearclaws, they go great untill you get on muddy trail because the front dont have alot of tread so it does not want to turn good. if you ride on trails that get muddy alot then i would go with the 27" just because the front tires have more tread and turn alot better. a friend might be selling his 26" bearclaws, if you are interested i can tell him and he might sell them for cheap.
yeah okay mention to your buddy about those tires. the only thing is im located over in nova scotia canada. also could you try to get a pick of the tires on his bike and a pict of what you said about the difference in tread between t he front and back tire so i can decide if ill go with them or 27s. thanks
he isnt really sure if he is selling them or not but if he does ill let you know.
hey mad mudder can you still try to get a pict of the tires showing the difference in the front and back if it is possible on his bike. i just want to see it before i decide what size to go with
so guys if i throw on a perfex long travel suspension kit do you think that will lift up the bike enough to put on the 27 inch bear claws also the bike could handle them couldnt it. most guys are sayin yes i just want to make sure.
they are acually off of his bike and stored up in a building. i dont know if you have read my other posts but i cant get my new camera to work on the computor, so i cant upload pictures on here yet. to answer your other post, i think you will be fine with 27" bearclaws without a lift. i have seen 27" tires on 450's before without lifts before and they fit fine.
hey mad mudder I think the plan will be to get the 27inch bear claws with the perfex long travel kit to jack er up about an inch inch and a half to make sure theres room
sounds good, im sure you will like them.
I have the 27 bearclaws, and use my Atv mostly for hunting. I love the tires but you will need 1" spacers for the front because they hit the shock with the wheel fully turned, but other wise they are great tires for pulling the downed moose from in the swamp.
rockclimber you say I will need 1inch spacer in order for the 27inch bear claws to fit correct. I plan on puttin in the perfex long travel suspension system then those i guess. what kind of spacers shoul.d i get and how much price wise. also do you have any picts of your 27inch bear claws?
I had a 1" lift on the bike but started to snap axles. So i took off the lift and got the highlifter spring kit, but the knobs on the front tires hit my shocks with the wheel fully turned so i had to get the highlifter wheel spacers. I ended up get four 1.5" for all corners but noticed i only need 1" spacers for the front just to keep the bearings alive longer but since i don't have any time lately to ride i just left them on for hunting season. I had to get the stiffer springs because the weight that was always on my racks.I think as long as you get the 1" spacers for the front and your perfex system you will not have any problems.My bearclaws are on stock rims and the bike is a 00 450es. I don't think i have any pictures of the bike with the tires showing but next long weekend AUG 6 i will be going to the cottage and I'll take some for you (hope i remember).The are nice tires but i notice if you ride alot of black top they wear fast. I don't have any holes in them yet and i use to ride alot of rock trails. Hope that helps
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Rock climber im on the fence about getting 26s or 27s bear claws .I am leaning toward the 26s because if i get the twenty sevens it appears i need those spacers and possibly lift kit. so to start off i may go with the 26s then upgrade after if I need to. whats ur opinion on that
feedback from anyone would be nice not just rock climber.
I would just get the 27 and work from there.
the thing about the 27s if i get them how uch did it cost you to get them spacers?
I think they were $80-$90 from Highlifter. Not sure you can check there website but well worth it. If your still not sure go to the tire section of this forum and search for bearclaws everyone input is there.
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