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beadlock wheels

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does anyone here have experience with the OMF or ITP C-lock wheels on a utility atv? Just asking because i'm looking into switching to beadlocks due to the super low pressure i run for rock crawling and i keep popping tires off the bead.I saw the price tag for the ITP is 184.96 at the cheapest i have found so far period....the OMF i can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone on.
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Anyone know someone with the OMF beadlock wheels with the inside reinforcing ring and outside scalloped lock ring???? I know they are way expensive but i just was wondering if anyone knew someone with them so i could hear an opinion.Just curious as i'm tired of debeading tires at low pressures so i'm looking at options....and adding more air is not an option for me as i won't do it.
wish I could help, but I have never used or had any use for them. Hopefully someone will be able to anwser you question.
Sorry I don't have any experience with bead locks,But a cheaper way is to drill holes in the stock rims and then screw the tires to the rims.I know a guy did this on his ice racing ATV. It's kinda "ghetto" but it worked good for him.
thanks for the ghetto tip but that won't work as i've already destroyed the beads on some stock rims....just not strong enough.I did find a set of OMF 12" beadlocks with the outer ring scalloped and anodized black and they have the inner reinforcing ring.......a very salty price of 239$ a wheel.....ouch.
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