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Just a little advice so ya'll don't do what I did. When you change your oil, be sure not to over tighten the 3 bolts on the oilfilter cover. I did & ruined all 3 of the bolts. I noticed oil leakin' from the bottom of the oilfilter cover. I thought that I had niched the oilfilter cover, but instead the bolts were ruined. I then went out & purchased a good torque wrench & 3 new bolts. 7lbs of torque is what is required to put the bolts back in. That doesn't seem tight enough, but it is. I used to put them on way too tight. This is for 2004 & older Foreman S & ES.
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Good tip...guess I should probably use the tourqe wrench instead of taken a chance trying to tighten it by feel.
well when i changed my oil on the rubicon i just have one bolt on the bottom for the oil filter and one for the drian i made sure i torqued them to spec 13lbs.
There is only one bolt for the oil filter on the Rubicon? That would be nice. I kinda wish Honda made a screw on oil filter. It would be that much easier.
Yeah with no chance of putting it in backwards - that will cause some damage!
mine is like a filter thats on a volkswagon or audi.
This would be a good time to ask this question.

Well it's time for my first oil change and I'm going to do it myself. I was wondering do I need to get the Honda brand oil and filter? Or can I go to Advanced Auto and get some good 10w-40 oil and a Fram filter? What do you guys do?

I figured instead of getting ripped off by the stealership for them to change my fluids and NOT adjust the valves, I'd just make the first engine oil change myself and then take the Foreman for it's first serviceing once it's time for the valve adjustment.

I use only Honda oil because Honda run a dry sump oiling system, and it use's the same oil for the motor, tranny, and clutches unlike Yamaha and other manufactors. But I get my filter from Ebay 10 for $20 or you can get 1 Honda filter for $7. I hope I could help you out.
I called my dealership and got the model number on my oil filter, Then called advanced auto parts and they carry them. i use castrol 10w40 oil, dealer recomends not to run synthetic oil too.
I use the Pro-Honda GN4...the good stuff from the dealer. It ain't too bad...unless you must buy it in large quantities.


Get your valves adjusted. It can make a good difference.
Thanks for the info!

TBFForeman, this is my problem. The dealership actually said that I didn't need to bring it in for it's first service (oil change, diff oil change, basically only all fluids are changed) after 4 tanks of gas! I'm on my 2nd tank of gas (about halfway through it so it's prolly only had a tank and a half through it) and have over 15 hrs on it and will very soon hit 100 miles. 4 tanks of gas will be pushing at or over 200 miles and more than 25 miles. Where, everyone I've talked to, said I should actually change the oil at 10 hrs! So I'm thinking what the heck!?! And the biggest thing is for that first service they told me to get after 4 tanks of gas, they charge $70-$80 and they DO-NOT adjust the valves!!

So to save tons of money, I'll just make the first oil change on my own, and when it's time for the valve adjustment, I'll take it in then and that will be my first dealer serviceing.
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Reg 10w40 car oil doesnt have additives for atv clutches in it.I use honda gn4 10w40 and what filter is available(walmart here has fram atv for half hondas price)NO PROBLEMS YET...
The folks at the Honda dealership where I live say that other oil filters are not as good & they will fall apart. I don't know if they are tryin' to pull the wool over an ol' country boy's eyes or not. I have used Wix & other brands from Napa,Carquest, & O'reilly Auto Parts & they have worked fine. Now the oil is a different question. The Honda GN4 10w40 seems to work the best. It shifts much smoother with the Honda Oil. Foot shift that is.
Well, I changed the oil and filter today. Used Castrol GTX 10w-40 and read all the labels, and it seemed to fit within the guidelines. Used a Wix oil filter as well. It was pretty darn easy too.
I have used the same exact stuff in my Foreman. It did alright. The Honda oil does work a bit better as far as smoother shifting goes.
I use High Lifter lifetime filter and Shell Rotella.

If you want a little info on oil go to this link.
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