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BBK worth the money???

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My Foreman started smoking BAD so I'm having the motor rebuilt. I pulled the motor myself to save about $400 in labor. Now I can get it rebuilt for $600 or I can get the BBK for $1000. Is it worth the extra $400? I read a thread where someone mentioned they were dissapointed with the BBK. What do yall think?
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first off where are you getting a bbk for 1,000 Dollars????? I did the g/f's and it only costed me 500 and something thats with getting it bored out buying the kit and haveing the sleeve pressed in........ I know what you are talking about when someone said they were disappointed with it but they didnt get the cam also i would recomened the bbk from highlifter with the cam g/f's bike will lift up the front end in second and third gear on pavement
he told me it was $400 for BBK on top of the $600 to rebuild it
Learn from my mistake get the cam with it. I put the highlifter BBK in my foreman and for the money it wasnt worth it. I also had my heads ported polished and decked at the same time I had it rebuilt. If your going to tear down the motor then go ahead and spend the extra money or you will be dissapointed. Good luck with the rebuild.
Is the guy rippin me off with that price??
thanks little_ceo
well we didnt have to rebuild anything on hers her bike was smoking too but we just got it bored out put the new jug in with the oversize piston and rings then put the cam in nothing else was wrong with her bike other then that so if you put other things on to that list then you may be looking at a higher price and also we did the work we didnt have to pay anyone labor except the machine shop that bored the cylinder out
well ive rebuilt mine twice now the first time it started smoking 3 days after and i paid 450 in labor (i took the motor out also) the second time i did it myself, it was very easy i even pressed my own sleeve all i did was pay 30 to bore the sleeve cause the piston did not fit. it ran fine for a few hours until the cam chain busted and went threw the side of the case. i think it is worth the money cause the power you receive but i havnt had a chance to see how reliable it is cause it had trash in the motor the first time and the top end didnt have anything to do with the cam chain breaking.
yeah see that's why he told me it'd be a bad idea to just bore the top end. He said if I wanted to rebuild it I should have the bottom rebuilt too or more than likely i will have more problems. I'd hate to have the same trouble you had!

I made the mistake and just redid my top end. I shoud have done the whole thing and the oil cooler. My is already smoking agian 10 hrs after rebuild (although not as bad as before) but it will probably just keep smoking more and more eveytime i take it out. Change out your oil cooler or take it to a radiator place and get it cleaned out your oil lines too.
thanks I forgot all about oil cooler and those hoses. I guess they could still be holding dirt and stuff. thanks again!
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