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i have a regular battery in my bike
i have the starter plugged in, my winch 2500lbs, and magic power box, all plugged to this battery.
Now im looking to plugge in two sets of off road lights, and my fan switch
any body think this is too much?
if so what should i do , im hoping not .

thanks so much in advance for your help and input.
p.s. trying really hard to get ready for the new season
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should be fine.. any real power inceases with the "magic power box"?
You may want to consider an in line fuse some where along the way, also I installed a solenoid switch on mine for the winch, it is more like a safety , than anything.
How many watts are the offroad lights. If they're 55 watts each you should be fine. You might have a problem if you go with 100w lights.
thanks guys
i have a inline fuse for both sets of lights that are 55watts each
for the magic power box i love it , lots of torque and throttle reaponse
Magic Power Box

Where did u get your magic power box? How much was it, and was there a considerable difference in power achieved?
ive notice really good power increase in the snow cant wait to try her out in the mud im need sure if if the combo of every thing i have on , never tried the box on stock and i got it at procom engineering .com
it was 100$us
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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