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battery tenderizers

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has in stalled a battery tenderzire on there fourwheeler if so do u no how they work.
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Sorry for my dumbness, but can you give a little more detail? not for sure as to what your talking about.
do you mean a battery tender
im talking about the thans that u are i think a supose to hook
to your battery and make it like fire right up i think i really dont no what they do i was wondering what yall knew about them if any thang yea i think they are called battery tender
alrite well what abattery tender is just like a cahrger but you leave part of it on your bike all the time threr are leads that run to the battery and they have a blug on the end of them and you can use that plug to connect to a wire and plug that into the wall it keeps your battery cahrged so if it sits for an extended period of time it will stay live they also usualt come wiht the little clamps like jumper cables and you can plug thoes or the wire on your bike into the other part they are a good product my mom had one a while back i use my quad enofe not to worry about a dead battery
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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