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Battery problems

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here is my scenerio..I was out riding the other day, and the bike was running fine..I tried to start it yesterday and the battery was stone dead. I checked the voltage and it only has like 2 volts.,...has anyone ever come across something like this?? I slapped in a new one and it starts fine. Is it possible one of the cells could have collapsed??
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ya we just had it happen right before we sold are 06 rubicon.. so we took the batt. out of my foreman and put in it right before we sold it. so i took the batt. to the local honda shop and they tested it to see if it was charge able. they put it on a special charger and its like a new one. 99% health..

sorry for the long post
did they say why it just crapped out?? Cuz I don't have any accesories that could have drained it.
check the voltage regulator..
ours craped out on the rancher last summer, boiled the battery.
no.. they didnt say much...
with the new battery, I checked and its giving 13.4 volts. that sounds normal to me
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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