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Basketball anyone?

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i heard some guys talking the other day about seeing basketballs put in the front area then aired up to stay in. supposed to keep the front up in water.
anyone seen it, tried it, thoughts on it. maybe these good ole boys were yanking my..........................................chain.
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I heard the same thing. I tried it here while back & i didn't notice much differance.
use a basketball or one of those cheap kick balls from walmart, deflate it, put it in the frame and air it up tight and it will pop the front end right up.
It didn't work that well for me. Maybe 'cause i have too much weight with
all the stuff i carry.
I have heard of lots of people with ranchers doing it, never with a foreman.
they're not yankin your chain it works just like bnjeep said ive done it on my foreman i could tell a it doesnt really hurt anything so you can try it if you dont think you can tell a difference then take it out...but if you like to go swimming alot then i would reccomend it...
Won't he have problems putting one in front with a winch installed??
QUOTE ("AkATVHunter":1ri8i2ue)
Won't he have problems putting one in front with a winch installed??
They are generally placed inside the frame, where most winches are mounted. so in most cases it would be difficult to have both.
Strap on a wacky noodle
QUOTE ("screg":2v8w91wj)
Strap on a wacky noodle
Does that actually work??
Yes I put a super noodle that I got from Wal-Mart on the front of my wife’s prairie and the front end would come right up. And trust me that is saying allot with Gabby driving.
Sounds like a cheap & effective way of doin' it. That's my kind of style . As a matter of fact, i think we have some somewhere in
the dungeon (garage) if Mrs. Throw Away Everything didn't throw them
I think mullet has a picture of the noodle in action. Norm go through the archive and post some noodle pics.
Well i'll be. Gotta try that.
actually we used some really big zipties i have for A/C and mounted it a lot nicer but i dont have any pics of that
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