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bash plate

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i am needing to change the bash plate on my 02 foreman. does anyone make a good bash plate winch mounting combo. thanks for any info.
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savant manufacturing makes a good bash plate.
I bought the HL diamond plate one, and that thing is indestructable!!! But, it doesn't have the winch option for it. But, think twice before you hang your winch out in the front of your ride. If you ride like me and my buddies the winch and the guy in front of you won't last long..LOL
i like the look of the highlifter diamond plate stuff, i dont have one on my bike, yet. diamond plate holds up pretty good tho
the HL bash and cv protectors are 3/16" thick aluminum diamondplate . They are very durable. The bottom skid plate is the same thickness but not diamondplate. I have them on my bike.
I have the highlifter diamond plated front bash but i have the moose diamond plated boot guards. There is my photo album if you want to go view it. But as stated above the bash plate does have the hole for the winch.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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