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ball joints

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do yalls outer front ball joints "pop through" if you know what i mean
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i mean like fall down through the hole in the upper control arm
i just replaced my bearings and the had been bad for a while........ so when i got the new bearings in and the wheel was back to the right angle my ball joint just fell out.............. time to replace!!!!!!!
If your ball joint just fell out, That should make you wonder what happened to the circle clip that held it in. They don't just come off!!!
what i mean is when it is on the ground it looks normal but when you jack the front of it up they still hold but fall through the hole about a 14''
through in the upper control arm
The joint is suppose to be extremly tight fit to where if is seated correctly the ring groove will be just above the a-arm. this is where the c-clip should be. The ball joint itself has a shoulder on the bottom so that it can't move upward and the c-clip keeps it from moving downward. that being said make sure you get a c-clip before you ride again, this would be a major problem if it falls out during a ride.
theyre the ones that came in it so i dont know how i hurt them and are all balls ball joints worth anything
I haven't had any experiace with them, but I got mine from They were only 13.92 a piece plus shipping of course. is 13.72 but depending on shipping cost it could be more. The clip is extra. You can find out on each site before you order. Sorry I don't know how to post a link. I haven't ever had play in a ball joint like what you described maybe just the joints outside diameter has wore from the slippage but maybe all you need is the c clip if there is no play between it and the a-arm. I would remove and clean it and check the fit to be certain.
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