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Ball Joints!

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Is there any way to knock out the ball joints at the hub? I know there is a ball joint removal tool (pickle fork?), but will this tool cut the boots on the ball joint. My reason for doing this is my front wheel bearings on one side is out. Took 2 days off work for a riding trip, had new tires mounted yesterday and seen the bearings are out when I put the wheel back on. Also, are the bearings pressed in and are there just one bearing, can you get them anywhere or only from honda? Thanks!
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Give the spot marked a good hit with a hammer ..It's easier if you do the bottom first ..pull down on the lower "A" arm with your hand as you hit the side of the "A" arm next to where the tapered ball joint goes thru the "A" arm... For the top pull downward on the knuckle as you hit the spot where the joint goes thru..Be careful not to hit the boot or threads ..

The wheel bearings change easy.. Just pop out the seals .. You will see a large snap ring that holds the bearing in...Remove it ,drive out the old bearing drive in the new one ,pop in new seals ..grease the seals & between the seals & the new bearing.. Then just re-assemble ball joint nuts , tierod end , brakes etc. ..

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Thanks for the info! Hopefully I can get most of it done tonight. Going to the Spring ATV Jamboree at Windrock(Coal Creek) for the next 4 days. I'll have to ride my wife's Polaris tomorrow if I don't get finished tonight. At least I got a backup ride!
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