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ball joints stuck.

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Can anyone tell me how to remove the upper and lower ball joints from the hub? I'm trying to change my front bearings but am having difficulty removing th ball joints I've tried whooping them out with a hammer and a 2x4 and had no luck any help would be greatly appreciated
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I use a 3 lb sledge straight to the knuckle. After about 5-10 SOLID hit it falls apart. Just make sure you leave the nut loose on the bottom threads of the ball joint incase you miss, so you don't knick the threads.
Just like truegrit said,hit directly on the knuckle.Also I use a pry bar to put pressure on the knuckle and swing the hammer with the other hand.
Thanks guys got it? now to swap bearings
i have a ball joint press and it is really easy, i jus put a trailor ball on the bearings and hit it two good times and they popped right out.
We have ball joint presses (even the Honda press) they don't work NEARLY as good as a big hammer.. Just hit where the arrow is pointed in the picture (same idea on the bottom joint only you hit the A-arm)

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a pic for assistance to go along with honda mechs.
don't forget the circlip to remove the wheel bearing
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