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ball joint removal

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I need to remove a ball joint on my 2000 foreman 450. I’m not going to replace the old one just need to remove it to do some repairs and then install the old ball joint. I need to know what style/ type of tool you use to remove the bal joint and where did you buy the tool?
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JUST BARROW a ball joint press from any auto parts store
all you need is a good claw or ball peen hammer and maybe some glasses just incase. unbolt the bottom shock mount and roll it up out of the way, loosen the balljoint nuts. on the top balljoint, hold the upper a-arm up alittle and hit (not hard) downward on the top of the knuckle itself and it will vibrate the balljoint loose. on the bottom balljoint you will have to hit downward on the end of the a-arm itself by the balljoint to virbrate it loose, you will have to hold it up also.

you can also remove the a-arm bolts on the frame and take it out as a complete unit to eliminate damaging the balljoints. Most of the balljoint seperators will damage the boots.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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