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bad weekend on my poor tires :(

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well....i was riding this weekend on my atv and i went to climb a very steep hill, so when i got to the top there was a couple big mining rocks and i almost made it but when i got to the rocks i ripped my atv to the nuts to see if i could make it,but my tires were spining so fast and when i hit the rocks, it torn 10 fu**ing lugs off!! and made huge cuts in the sidewall of my tires and little cuts in other places and its not pretty at all so inconclusion......I NEED NEW TIRES!!! my birthday is in a month and i plan on getting new tires!! i ride trail 40% and mud, water 60%, what do you think is a good tire for me??? i was thinking about 26 inch outlaws?? what do you think??? i want a tire thats better than 589s in mud!! any input is greatly appreciated
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I would go with what you are thinkin'. Outlaws. Those are some mean
Hey 96foreman400, Sorry to hear about what happened to your tires, I know tires are not cheap. If you can post some pics of the tires you tore up. Would like to see what happened to them.
i have a set of 4 Mudilla's 26-12-10's that i will sale to you for $300 i paid over $400 for them i bought them bought a lift and lift springs 2 weeks lata they have over 80% of tread left ask goose500 hes seen them
I would not get outlaws if you plan on doiiing any climbing again. You seemed to have good luck w/ the 589s, so why switch. There are a good all around and economical tire.
what about 26 inch vampires are they any good, hold on ill go take some pics and post them!!
here are some pics
That looks like my tires after riding in canaveral groves. I am waiting for one of them to pop so I can step up.
look into swamplites......... I think im gonna get a set for my brute one of these days..... Im gonna get either the swamps or executioners....
go with swamplites, i run 29.5 and they are great.
I know you might disagree with me, but look at the bighorns. I'm getting some. They are really good on trail don't add much to the machine, but if you do ALOT of mud, not water, like the THICK STUFF. go with the zillas they are my second set. the bigs are good for trail 50% water 40% mud 10%.
i still have my Mudzilla's $300 plus shipping and they are almost brand new
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