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My 05 Foreman 500 bought the end of May 2005 has let me down. I have had it in the shop 3 times going back tomorrow for a 4th time. The first few times for air in the front brake line. Then my rotors where squealing took off my tires and looked and there was kind of excess metal on them making them squeal. They replaced the rotors, when I took it in for the rotors I told them about a problem I was having when I hit water something was making the engine sputter. They checked it out and said they couldn't find anything. Well went riding this weekend and the motor still wasn't running right. It happens when I hit water about a 16" or more the motor starts to run rough. It will die if you do not keep giving it gas. It is like the spark is being disturbed. They said at the shop it is probably something electrical. Anyways I am sick of going back and forth to the shop. Does anybody have an idea of what my problem could be? I really want them to just give me a **** new one. I shouldn't have this many problems with a brand new 4 wheeler much less A HONDA!!!!
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I would put some die electric grease on the spark plug boot, and some on the rectifier box on the back right corner of the frame. That should cover the most common electrical problems. if you still continue to have the problem I think I would check the carb. drain line. does it take is a few moments to start running right after you come out of the water. It doesn't sound like yo go in deep enough water to have this problem this is just a shot in the dark.
I had the EXACT problem with mine in the water, and let me be the first to say, never seen anything so frustrating!!!!!!!

My course of action and finally she was fixed. (mine has been snorkeled, with the carb vent, and carb drain tube blocked, and die electric grease on the spark plug boot since day one.)

I bought an HMF thinking the new mufflers with the cat in it was giving me the trouble. No cure there, still the same symptoms.

Next I got the K&N and Dynojet kit. When I installed this I also put die-electric grease on the recitifier like BNJeep suggested.

After these mods the 500 has been a dream in the water and has only let me down once (this weekend in the creek for some reason it just stalled in the water when I got real stuck). Other then that it runs great in water as deep as I can find.

I still dont know the exact reason I had problems when it was stock. And we arent alone, I have see at least one other new 500 struggle in deep water. But there are also people like BNJeep with virtually stock bikes then seem to do just fine in the water. It is very strange. But I want to say it is some kind of air/fuel ratio problem. Mine was cured after the Jet kit.

Thats my $.02 or maybe a little more
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That is strange,,My bike has always been a swimmer..I did put dielectric grease in all plugs that I could get to..Most hondas are set a little rich from the factory..Maybe yours is a little too rich..That can cause stalling.
Just got back from honda and they moved the carb vent hose up right under the seat to see if that is causing the problem. The vent hose runs right down to the bottom of the frame, so they pulled it up under the seat for me to ride it again and see if that is what it is. We will see!!!!
there are 2 carb vent tubes on the carb, and they both point down. Tee them together and run them to the handlebar. Also make sure you block off the carb bowl drain tube.
Not a real mechanic, but the hose they moved was the one right behind the pull start cord with a plastic piece on the end. Which hose is that and where is the other located? Where is the carb bowl drain tube?
I appreciate everybody's input!!!! I am thinking of having a company near me snorkel mine, will also these hoses be snorkeled with the air intake?
the hose they moved is the carb drain tube (the white thing is the check valve - I wouldnt trust that Honda place anymore, they sound totally clueless), if I were you, I would put it back to the orginal location, and just screw a wood screw or something up it to block it.
The 2 vent hoses are on the top of carb, they are in little clips attached to the carb, you will see them, if I remember they are pointing downward. Un clip them from the carb, tee them together and run that to the handlebar.
What are the disadvantages of what they did? They said if I ran it like that and it didn't sputter then that is the problem, and they would shorten the tube. If you plug the carb drain tube what will happen when it needs to drain?
QUOTE ("latechwildlifer":9nlubebn)
What are the disadvantages of what they did? They said if I ran it like that and it didn't sputter then that is the problem, and they would shorten the tube. If you plug the carb drain tube what will happen when it needs to drain?
The carb drain is only there to drain incase of a bowl overfill..When rideing it never drains..So therefore you can leave it plugged all the time....I DO>....Now here is the down side...When transporting the bike you must turn off the fuel..If you have the drain plugged and leave the fuel on..When you drive down the street the bouncing will cause the carb float to move letting fuel in..Well with the fuel drain plugged it eiher goes into the airbox or into the carb and engine..Some people plug it only when they go into the water or on a ride, others just leave it plugged..I leave it plugged because I always turn off the fuel everytime I transport my bike..
Yeah mine has been plugged since day one as well. I turn the fuel off when on the trailer, well when I remember to.
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