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When I press the starter button, I can hear the starter turning NOT clicking but it doesn't seem like it is getting enough volts to actually start the engine. I can hook the battery up to a battery charger and on a 2amp 12volt trickle charge it says the battery is good in under 5 minutes. Hook the cables back up, it will start up, no problem. Let it sit a day go to start it right back to the way it was.
Pull start it, starts right up, let it run for 2 minutes, kill it. Press starter button, starts up, no problem.
Seems to me it's the battery. Battery post and screws have been cleaned and brushed, so are connectors on the cables.
This is on an '06 Rubi, I have had it for just about 6 months.
What do you guys think?
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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