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i put a snorkel on my bike.... and it wouldn't idle very well... so i tuned up the idle speed... i think it will idle fine now. but when i drive it sometimes it backfires. why is this? what do i need to do to fix it?
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turning up the idle Hmm. Thats not the correct way to fix that. Sounds like you tried putting a bandaid on it. You probably need to rejet, but with some patience i would bet you could get away with just adjusting the A/F screw on the bottom of the carb. When you put a snorkle on you restrict the amount of air flow that was there before. so you are running rich. Which means to much fuel not enough air. so you need to adjust the A/F (air/fuel) screw to compensate. I'm not sure which way does what. hopefully somoene will chime in and correct me if i'm wrong or will add to what i have already said
i was getting too much air after i installed the snorkel.
if i started up the bike and drove, it didnt work too well.
if i put a piece of duct tape over half of the snorkel intake it would work fine but still didnt idle very well.

my snorkel is 1.5" to 2"
When you snorkeled your bike did you plug off your vent lines on the quad or something silly like that. This will cause you problems also.
i have them ran into the POD, not plugged.
the only one i have plugged in the carb drain
my dad pulled off his exhaust tip and put on one of those bigger tips from ebay, sounds good but backfires when he revs all the way up and lets go...

we turned up his idle a little and it stopped...
thats prolly what i need to do is turn the idle down
thats the only thing that i have done diff to make it start backfiring

i just dont want this **** thing to die while im under water!!! lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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