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back flipping

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I keep back flipping or near back flipping. Any mods or upgrades to help the front to back stability. The hills hear in Ky are steep. I was thing of lifting the back and not the front. I guess if all fails I could learn to ride and not flip. The bike bone stock 2001.
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what kind of tires are you using? A lift will only make things worse by raising the center of gravity.
Go eat a whole bunch of Mc Donalds Gain some weight! Just kidding.
I was going to say hit it harder, maybe add some weight to the front. But if you keep doing it maybe you should not be going where your going.
lol on the burgers, I'm 6'1 275
The tires one the foreman are stockers[/img] Me next to Iraq school bus.
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The stock tires are not the best choice for climbing hills. You might want to invest in some aftermarket tires with alittle better grip.
weight distribution

i myself am a bigger guy and the only advice i have is hit it wide open or dont do it at all . dirty 4man is right lifting your atv will just make things worst .. now if you like to ride in the deep stuff than lifting it is a plus ... by the way welcome home !!!!!!
yeah on our stocker dad tried to climb a rock pile next to our house wiht my sister on it and it when right over. course it probaly didnt help that he forgot to put it in 4x4
granted it is a little expensive fix, but well worth the expense. put a winch on the front end. it can help putting a little extra weight down low on the front.
i do alot of serious climbs, only they're rocky as **** - so i can't hit 'em wide open. i've gotten used to sitting WAY up on the bike, almost on the fuel cap! i'm 6'2" so i've also started wearing skater's knee pads 'cause the front plastic was beating the snot outta my knees - both uphill & downhill. there's a few mountains where you get real acquainted with the front rack so you don't flip backwards. oh yeah, always keep some momentum - coming to a complete stop may prove fatal!
Stand up on the pegs and lean foreward Standing up lowers the CG by putting your weight down low ( on the Pegs ) and leaning forward shifts the weight to the front, helping to keep the front end down. Don't ride double while trying to climb steep inclines. (Not supposed to ride double at all as the machine isn't built for that, but just about every one does at times) The extra weight on the back changes the handeling charactaristics.

If you dont feel comfortable about a climb then dont attempt it. No ammount of modification to your machine will make up for poor riding skills or poor decisions.

If you are lucky you will get a second chance, if not you will be killed or seriously injured. a 450 Foreman weighs about 500 lbs. When it lands on top of you its gonna hurt.

Thats what keeps guys like me in business.
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