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Well I bought a 2006 Foreman S and it's about 3 weeks old. It likes to back fire a lot. 4-6 times when I let off the gas in ever gear. Should I re jet it? I live in Montana and where about 3100 feet up. Maybe I could re jet a little higher. ??? If so what jet should I go up to. The stock is 162.5 right?

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Have you tried adjusting the needle or air/fuel mixture screw on the carb? If not I would try adjusting first before rejetting. Just remember where you settings where at in case you need to start over again. Myself I would start with raising the e-clip up a notch on the needle, by doing this it will drop the needle down in the jet futher lessing the fuel flow. The air fuel mixture should be out 2.5-3 turns out.
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