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back fires

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old girl back fired about 10 times this weekend only thing diffrent is ngk ird and spark arrester removed about 6 months ago any help would be appreciated
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running to lean maybe. I would think that taking out the spark arrester would have an effect on backpressure. Try a throttle chop test and see if you are rich or lean. Then try adjust air fuel mixture to compensate.
Put the spark arrestor back in, the run way better
I don't think the spark arrestor has anything to do with it...I've had mine out for over a year and there hasn't been any problems.I am going to put it back in 'cause I'm getting tired of the noise.
Without my spark arrestor i back fire when ever i gear down. Not enough back pressure

A spark plug certainly wouldnt change anything
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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