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Back fireing is it too much air or not enough.

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Back fireing is it too much air or not enough. I took my foreman out for a ride today and I was coming out of a ditch with some good mud in it. I was in first gear my tires started to spin and I gave if full throttle and it back fired. I look through some forms today but they really did't answer my question. Can any one help? Honda Mech I know your the man whats up???
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You can get a lean or rich backfire. If there is a problem when asking for fuel than it is probably lean. Try covering up a portion of your snork, if it works better you know you're lean; opposite applies.
My quad would back fire when I let of the throtle I thought it was a little lean but before adjusting air-feul mix I did my oil change and checked my valve's the exhust valve was pretty tight so set them to spec.'s and all is fine now...When did you check your valve's last?
I had the valves done at 90 hrs. I believe the dealer told me every 90hrs??? When I cover the snorkle it will die out after a second. It will bog down quick also. I do have my air fuel turned out a little past 2 1/2 turns out but not quite three. I just wanted to be safe then sorry. So what do you think it could be???
Double check every connection in your exhaust. Even a very small leak that is hard to pick up on can cause the backfire. Especially if it's happening if you suddenly back off the throttle after running wide open.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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