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back brake

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if i use the foot pedal on the rear brake it sticks down n wont move but it is fine if i use the hand brake has any one had this problem before
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I did....cable was a seizing so I replaced it....problem gone.
A lot of times the problem is a seized foot lever.The foot lever seizes on the pivot shaft.You have to completely remove the foot lever,clean up the pivot with sandpaper,apply some anti-seize compound and re-install.
so which one do u think it would be?? the cable or is it seized
Easy thing to check:Unhook the brake cable at the foot lever,if the foot lever is still hard to move then you know it's seized on the pivot shaft.
while your at it, pull the drain plug at the bottom of the drum.
would be a good idea to be wearing your rubber boots while doing this..
lol yea i can just imagin wut its gunna be like... is it a hard job to get to the foot pedal do i have to take plastic off?? im gettin sick of that!! lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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