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back brake problems............. need some help

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hey guys, i have been having problems with my brakes for about a month. i took the whole drum assembly appart and looked at the brake pads and drum and there was nothing wrong!!?? i havent the slightest clue what could be the problem. my foot lever works somewhat but the handle goes all the way to the bar when i squeese it ane there are no brakes there. i also adjusted the cam in the back all the way in to try and make it better and it didnt help. im kinda new to this bike and i was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this problem. feel free to call me a dumbass if its somthing long as you tell me how to fix it. thanks alot guys, any help is appreciated.
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if everything works but your brake lever goes to your handle bars i am gessing it may be the break cable. also you might need new brakes, they might look brand new but sometimes they just wear just a little then they are shot.
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