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Back Brake Lever Stuck

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My back brake lever is stuck!!! The back brake pedal has no tension at all. I was in first gear when this happened. I can't seem to find the problem. Can anyone help, PLEASE!!!!!
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you should be able to go to the rear end and see two lil screws bear the drum thats where you can start at, im not near mine to explain which one to tighten
I tried doing that. No matter which way I turn it, it's still stuck. I can't pull the brake lever at all. It's very tight!
might want to try and pull the brake drum offounds like an internal brake drum porb. but not really sure try it and see
WD40 ..
worse comes to worse cut the cable and run a new one..
The funny thing is, I wasn't doing anything but trying to take off!!! I just used the back brake lever to turn around and it work just fine. The lever has no play at all.
so did you get it fixed? couldnt tell by your last comment!
so did you get it fixed? couldnt tell by your last comment!
No, it's still jammed up!!! I had only been riding about 10 mins. when this happened.
shmmm im stumped sounds like somethin come loose in the drum whether it be the cable or the brake pads or the other things that are in the drum i.e. springs adjuster etc.etc.
This is driving me crazy!!! I have looked and checked everything
in comparison to my cousin's Foreman and it all look's the same!! I
guess I'll just have to take it to the shop. I only got to ride 10 minute's.
What a wasted Sunday!!!
Check near your lever on your bars and make sure the cable is not under tension there if you pulled the lever and the cable jammed that is where your problem wll be. old 350 did that a few times when the brakes worked.
Thank's man, I didn't even think about that!!! I appreciate everyone's help. I will post back, with the result's!!
Sounds to me like you have something wrong in the drum itself. If you can't move the drum lever that the cable connects to, then it almost has to be in the drum. If just the lever is stuck down, pull off the lever and free it up. My lever did get stuck once and I had to remove it and sand the rust off the shaft a little to get it freed up again.
Disconnect the two cables from the lever and pull the left brake handle. You should be able to pull the cable end back at the bottom near the drum and the handle should return to the seated possition. Now push the brake foot pedal and pull the cable back to verify that the foot pedal returns easily to it's up position. Both these cables should move freely. If they don't replace them. Now to check the lever on the inboard side of the drum. Push the lever forward (no cables attached) and the lever should spring back on it's own. It should snap back quickly. This will tel you if the bushing in the backing plate is seized up or not. If all this pans out OK then you can take apart the drum and look inside. The drum will need to be measured for oversize. I'm not sure of the spec right now. Look at the shoes and check to see if there is enough meat on them. There is also a spec on this. If the drum is oversize replace it, however I have seen some guys shim the anchor end of the shoes with sheet metal. This is the end that doesn't turn. If you still can't find the problem try roughing up the shoes and drum with 120 sandpaper or emory. Lube the pivots and drum seals with Sylglide silicnoe brake lube and seal the drum coverwith Permatex "Right Stuff" . You should have found the problem somewhere in this. I have seen where the cables unravell and fill up with mud and when you pull them they stretch not allowing for full pressure to be applied to the lever. This causes a very lazy rear brake and they won't lock up.

Hope this helps someone.
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Well this morning I started messing around with the cables. When I pulled the wiring from the lever and followed it down, it was kinked!!! I moved it
some, along with the handlebar's and it loosened right up. Still a little tight
but the lever work's. I can now going into reverse. I will keep an eye on it. Thank's for everyone's HELP!!!!
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