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Baby oil?

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I have heard putting baby oil in a spray bottle and spraying the underside of your quad will help clean the mud off after a muddy ride, anyone ever tried this?
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I think you spray it on before you ride. It won't let the mud stick to it. You
can also use any kind of spray cookin' oil like Pam.
I tried it once and it didn't do any better than anything else. Plus the bike looks wierd all oiled up, at least mine did. It is very hard to get it to coat evenly over the bike.
What, the Pam or the baby oil?
Baby oil.

I am going to try Pledge at the Rabbit Run, in a couple weeks. To see how well it repels dust!!
Let us know if it works
Thanks for the info!
I have never used pam or baby oil,i just use black magic tire shine.Just spray it on all over top and under,about one-half of the bottle.The mud will just start pealing up as the mud dries.Let the mud dry over night and clean up next day or later.Start hitting the plastic and most of the mud will fall off.
watch out for getting it on yhe engine i would think the oils could bake on pretty good just a thought. I know my wife has put pan in one of my steel pans and stained it good a brown color just my 2 cents but i would use it on the plastic only
Black Magic works GREAT!!!! its all I use.
I used armour all for the first time, went out to look at it the next day and it was all slimy. Wiped it off with a rag and it looks good. I can't wait to get it muddy and see how it works!!
I use wd-40 on mine.
I also use WD-40 on my fenders:
Spray it on your fenders (Yes, this will make your Foreman a dust magnet). But you just spray the mud off with the hose. Saves alot of time for me.
I use furniture cleaner like pledge on my four wheelers and it does great. I like to spray a heavy coat on ,the night before and let it set all night and by the time you get ready to go riding it will look brand new.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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