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just to pick your brains.
00 450 es 1.5 lift
snapped my left axle replaced with stock snapped it again one day later.purchased "axle system"axles. installed them correctly now the right side doesn't stay in the diff. The manufactuer says nothing is wrong with his axles they are made for a lift of up to 2" you guys think the problem is in the diff (diff has HL true 4x4 gear in it) any information would be appreciated. THANKS

00 450 es
perflex lift
27 bearclaws
424 warn
HL true 4x4
k&n filter and jet kit
supertrapp exhaust
warn multi-mount winch 2500
full skid plates
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Don't know alot but hope this helps...You are aware that the right and left side axles are different lengths right?.. I say this because I learned the hard way. I have a 03 650 Rincon and had to replace both front axles because of a 2 inch lift. Apparently, the differential is off centered and one is longer that the other. If it won't stay in, do you have the shorter one in the longer side? Just trying to help..
Thanks I know that they are different lengths. I just ripped apart the diff to see if it is internal but everything looks ok but i did notice the clip on the end of the shaft is missing it was there when i installed it and cannot find it in the diff i think maybe when i pushed it in it fell off have to contact the manufactuer to get another clip and try again but THANKS for the advice.

Just finished talking to the manufactuer told me to use the clip off my stock axle.hope this works
the stock clip will work fine.
BINGO...If the shaft continues to come out when you push it in...then your right..the clip holds it in place. Sounds like you might have found the problem..
Thanks guys I just finished putting the diff back together tomorrow I'ii put the bike back together. But i have to wait for next week to try it out(no time this week)hope all is well after this
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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