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Awful sound!!!!

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When im climbing hills,ie....4low,and a perty teep hill,my rubi sounds as if everthing in the motor is coming a part.Its real loud and horrid,anybody have a idea on what it could be??
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If it's making a grinding sound you should have the oil pressure tested ..
mine was doing the same thing and i had to replace my oil pump. and its looking like pretty soon i will be replacing the hondamatic as well.
At 700 miles,my pump could be bad? I will have it checked. not realy a grinding,more like its just louder.I know it will get louder as you put a load on it,but this thing get a 'different kind of loud" hard to explain. Also i am running 10/30 honda oil,mabe i should go back to 10/40 huh???
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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