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I was playing in the snow today for a couple of hours. I suppose there is around 1.5 to 2ft out there, at least. I was mainly in second wide open, when I got home I couldn't believe it................never even thought about overheating. The whole front end was packed solid, I mean solid. My Ruby and Rinny would have overheated for sure, been there done that. The old Foreman was virtually WIDE OPEN the whole time, yeah fan was running but that is it.....................AWESOME!!
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that is the reason i got a foreman. i dont have snow though. i do have alot of mud.
That's why I bought a Foreman S.More simple and less things to go wrong. Mine's been packed with snow too,which probably stops air flow,but it still never overheated.
Amen! Gotta love air cooled, no radiators for me!!
that is why i got a foreman to, gotta love air cooled. i do have a question thow, how often does your alls fans kick on? mine seems like it comes on alot, never had the light come on, jsut currioius.

Mine comes on alot too.
my comes on alot durring the summer. my brother had a 450 and burnt up the mator because he drove it full throtle on the road for about 15 miles.
Mine seems to kick on quite often too. Has never overheated though........simplier is always better !!
Same here. Runs often but never seems to overheat. I installed a switch to turn the fan on manually and I run it if I'm worried about the bike running hot. Plus it's great to be able to hit the switch to confirm that the fan is working.
that pic was from the first snow storm.
i am glad i live in texas. it is about 70 degrees right now. i dont like the cold. but it gets hot in the summer.
Mien comes on a lot if i'm in a low gear for a while, 1st or 2nd but has never overheated.
Mine comes on alot in the winter,but I'm usually crawling through the woods in first or second gear.I have a cylinder temp. gauge and the fan comes on at around 375 degrees.
ours runs all the time in the summer and often in the winter
Coop, I have ran my foreman going 55mph on the road for over 15 min and it ran fine. That is even after i took it in some slop mud for over 2 hours. The fan kicks on once i ride it for a while, but i just run it in the open for a few min to get some air into it. I cane imagine it overheating if you drove it at 65 for a while though.
After we got our 2 foot blizzard here in Colorado I ran down the road in 2nd wide open I didn't even realize I was in second I never ride with the throttle wide open except in 4th or 5th gear when I got off my dad was outside he said look under there where your winch is its completely packed with snow he didnt think it was getting any air because he didnt know where the air intake was on the new foremans I tried to get some out of there and it was like a rock the foreman never overheated though but the fan was runnig
Hey Eric how do you like there in Minnesota we moved from Warroad Minnesota to Colorado to cold up there And I heard something about the Warroad Warriors hockey team is going to the state finals or whatever its called
I like MN, I'm sure Warroad is in State Tourney's again. Seems like they are a constant in the world of Hockey .

I would trade it for Colorado though I can just imagine the hunting I could do out there; probably wouldn't be married very long but it might be worth it
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