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anyone know anything about the audiopipes...we went on a ride yesterday and met up with some people and had a blast, first time doing anything like that, a few ppl had audiopipes on there bikes and the girlfriend fell in love with she wants to get me that instead of a winch, i am usually very rarely riding alone so no real need for a winch when i carry a 15' tow rope as well as my cousin has a 15' rope also so when one of us gets stuck we can usually have a bike out of the muck pulling with a rope instead of spooling out the winch cable which he has a winch on his bike to retrieve a bike out of the holes...anyone know what kinda sound quality there is between the 2 setups...the boss speakers with an 80watt amp is like $220 shipped and the bazooka speakers with a 200 watt amp is like $325 shipped

do i go for the winch which i have one picked out alrdy or do i get an audio pipe and keep using a tow rope for pull outs? and which kit do i get if its the audio pipe
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Get the audio pipe... i had mine all the way underwater today... still works great once it gets out from under the water..
get the kicker one, u wont regret it.
they only have boss speakers or Bazookas or do you call them and tell them what kinda that you want?
i meant bazooka haha sorry long day
I rescently bought an Extreme Audiopipe (200 watt) and it is awesome. The wife was against it at first but changed her mind after the first ride. My bike is very loud and she could hear it very plain and loud even when she was about 4 bikes in front of me with a helmet on. I ride in deep mud and water alot and it proved to hold up to what they claim during the first ride. I got it completely under water in a river in Harlen County Kentucky and it never missed a beat. I got a waterproof box for it at Bass Pro Shops.
well my birthday is this sunday and i wanted to get a winch for my birthday but after riding this weekend with a big group of like 30 people she was like why dont you get one of those, and i told her cuz it would not help me when i get really stuck and not many people around to help me get out except for that we would have tunes to listen to while we are sitting there waiting for someone else to get to us...i just wanted to make sure that they were worth a ****...also how do yall keep yalls ipod from getting all wet or muddy when riding? do yall have some kind of mount that you buy or just run the wire into that lil dry box in the left front fender on the newer foremans? think ima order it tonite so that i can have it for the next ride
Look for "otterbox" on ebay..
yea i found one earlier today after i asked that question i just decided to look, and i alrdy ordered it this afternoon then when i got off work i took the girlfriends credit card and ordered the should be all here in a few days
Just to let you know.. your probly going to have to wire the 12v plug that comes with the pipe to ur battery.. The stock one doesnt have enough power.
Ur gonna love it.
I have an audiopipe extreme and it is very well worth the money. I had it before i bought a winch. When i got the winch i said i should have been bought one of these. You wont regret the audiopipe. I bought a ram mount along with my otterbox. The RAM mount is mounted on my handle bar with the otterbox. You can find all of this at

louisianarebel, so plugging it in to the battery will give you a better sound from plugging it into the 12volt outlet.
Mine wouldnt go very loud without wiring another 12v straight from the battery i dunno why
well the audiopipe came in last night and i ran to plug it into the thing in my truck to hear it and man that thing sounds as good as my truck stereo does...just so u know what i have in my truck to compare it to...6.5" alpine type S up front in doors, 4x6s in back 2 doors, 2 JL audio 10s in a down fire box with 400 watts going to hits pretty good, but that audiopipe on a bike is gonna be insane, had to jam big balls by ac/dc last night with it and it was grate

edit: now to wait on the otterbox to get here, ordered it a few days ago
Sorry for replying so late, but i just read this on the forum. I made my audiopipe a lot cheaper than they're selling the on the i net for. ive prob got around $100-$125 total, w/o the mp3 player, but i got one for around $50, so a grand total of $175 at the most. I got the boss 6.5 in speakers off ebay & a 500 watt motorcycle amp & the pvc at Lowe's.
well i coulda made one as well, but i have so many other side projects going on rite now its not funny...i am in the middle of building an apartment, we have it built as of rite now, but we are just starting to do the mud on the sheetrock and then gotta paint it all up for us to move in then i have my lower valence off my truck and its half cleaned and sanded down getting ready to paint to match my truck...then this time of the year is just hecktic so that was one less thing to worry about
anyone link me to a mount for it?...i got my ipod nano in an otterbox but still dont know how to mount on...i have already looked on the rammount website and i dont understand how they sell there stuff, it looks like they sell the mount that connects to a bar then another piece that connects to that then another piece that connects to the actual ipod/otterbox...thanks for any help yall can provide

My audio pipe got wet and my switch won't work does anyone know how I can fix it
My audio pipe got wet and my switch won't work does anyone know how I can fix it
if you built it take it apart and get a marine grade switch thats what i did in mine and i can dunk the whole thing in water and it operates just fine
I built my own, marine speakers, tweeters, and a motorcycle amp

it has a small dry box mounted on the top now that my phone resides in
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