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Audio Tubes ATV speaker setup

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I just bought the Audio Tubes ATV speaker system, and all I can say is wow!! This little thing throws some great sound. If anyone is looking at putting tunes on their ride, then I would defintely give this a look!!
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Speakers look great...but where is the radio...Is it mounted in the tube? If so, this is definately something I am gonna look into.
I use an ipod (haven't touched a CD in years..LOL). And I bought an Otter box for the ipod. I haven't quite decided where Iam gonna mount the Otter box at though. Im thinking that I will use some heavy duty velcro from the hospital and mount it to the gas tank. However, there is plenty of wire to put the Ipod in the rear bag and store it there.
Mudlord...does that ipod play loud enough to be played thru that speaker system? I have an ipod, but can't get the sound up high enough to be played so everyone can hear it. I don't want to DJ at a party with it, just drink a cold adult frosty beverage around with friends so they can hear it too...
It plays really loud at just half of the iPod volume. But, that is probably because I adjust the volume to everyone one of my songs via my iTunes. I add about 75% more volume to all of my songs and it makes a huge difference. If you need help on how to do this just let me know, it is a pretty simple procedure.

Dont those things have an amp built into the tube also? therefore the need to plug into the cig lighter/aka power port. Thought I read that somewhere.... Nice setup though.
Yep, it has a cig plug on the end. Josh sends both the male (which is connected to the amp) and the female, that can be connected to the battery. If you use the female then, yes you do have to unplug it after every ride or it will drain the battery. I plugged mine into the headlight outlet, that way it can only be on with the key turned on. I thought that would be the best way for me, because I have a tendency to forget things after a good day of ridin and drinkin ice cold adult beverages.
I usually run a GPS into the cigarette lighter plug...Would it be possible to have a duel adapter in the plug and have the GPS and the speaker box in the same plug? Would ths be to much for the outlet?

And I will get with you on the volume thing...
One last thing....are they marine speakers or is a splash of water gonna tear them up....
how do u turn the volume up on itunes
Dunno...Mudlord has the inside scoop. I wanna know as well..
Can you hear it well while riding? I always wear a helmet and would like to get some tunes when on the trails>
Rincon 650.... from what Josh at Audio Tubes tells me, is that the speakers aren't marine, but regular speakers and they perform great when wet. He just sprays alittle WD40 on them before and after he rides and it keeps the voice coils from rusting and the cones from drying up. Iam not sure about running a dual outlet off the headlight pod, buy one and let us know.LOL

As for the volume on the iTunes....basically all you have to do is right click on the song of your choice, then click on get info, then options, there you will see a slider bar ( I typically slide mine up to about 80%). This will give you the volume adjustment. Granted you have to do it to all of your tunes. But, I have done it to all 3000 songs that I have on my iPod.

If you need to do it to all of your songs, all you have to do is highlight one song, then click on EDIT in the upper left hand side of iTunes and choose SELECT ALL, then go back to your songs and right click on them then do the same as before, get info, options, and then slide the volume control. It will ask if you want to modify all that music and click yes. if you have a ton of tunes like I do, it will take awhile for it to adjust them all.

Then hook up your iPod and sync it...all of your tunes should play much louder. Keep in mind though that some songs are recorded at higher volume and they might be distorted, if they are just go to that song and move the slider bar down unitl it is no longer distorted. I hope I haven't confused you guys...good luck!!

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Thanks Mudlord...I will try the volume control.. And I wouldn't think that 2 accessories being plugged in would be any different than one.. It works the same as the one in the truck... Hmmmmm
Where do you find the Audio Tube system at? That looks neat, is there a link to go to that product?
I just searched ebay myself and got nothing.. We will have to wait and find out from Mudlord..
there was a post a couple of months ago by mudlord on the same system. i guess he finally decided to get it. the address is <a href="" target="_blank"></a> . they are 160 bucks which seems pretty reasonable. probably something ill work on this winter. hope this helps yall.
Hey guys, here is the link...
Is that the sport bike setup on your foreman? That looks nice and compact.
I think so, I talked to Josh at balls Deep and he said with my snorkle he would have to make it longer to fit on my rack. I didnt like that idea, because it would stick out on the sides of the rack. So, he mentioned making it smaller.
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