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atv trailer

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will foreman 500 fit on a 4x6 trailer or will i need a 4x8
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well hummm i think it could be a tight squeeze on a 4x6, if u think a standard truck bed is liek 6' long, my foreman fits inside the bed of my truck with the tailgate down but i dont pull it completly up to the rear window cuz i have a piece for my tonneau cover up there that gets in the way but when i strap it down my tires are still completely in the bed of the truck and not on the tailgate

hope that kinda helps...if u have a gate on the back of the trailer id say it wouldnt fit but you could try
yeah i have a s10 and i get it as close as i can without touching the back glass . and the rear tires set on the tailgate. i am just looking for a easier way to load up
i would just go 4x8 not to much of a differance in price andthen if you need to carry anything else other then the wheeler you will have the room
go with the 4x8 because our 6x10 as about a 1 1/2 to 2 foot of room between the back rack and the tailgate
i would say 4x8. if i put mine in the back of my truck backwards. i can close the tail gate, but i have about a 1/2" clearence between my rack and glass. my bed is 6'.
i think 4x8 is the way to go anyway they are about 100bucks more so i might as well get one
Mine is 5X8 and I have a slightly extended rack on the back of my Foreman. When I close the ramp (raise it up), there is only about 5 inches between back of rack and gate. Width-wise there is plenty of room on each side of the bike to put extra gear so 4ft wide should be enough.
Concerning the 4' width...a stock Foreman 500(25x8x10 and 25x8x12 tires) is 46" wide. If you have modified with ITP, Douglas, or other aftermarket rim, you may likely be wider than 48" of a 4x6 or 4x8 trailer. I have been mulling over down sizing from a 5x8 trailer due to storage issues in my garage. I would love to know how it goes if you go ahead with a 4x6.
i am going to go with a 5 x8 i am running on stock tires and rims now but that will change hopefully soon . i was looking at them today where i work i would have to take the gate off for a 4x6 and a 4x8 is almost the price of a 5x8 so that is what i am going to go with as soon as the money is right but thanks for all the ideas guys
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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