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atv shoes

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I would like some advice about shoes, i do mostly creek riding and i hate all the rocks and sand that get in my tennis shoes, the same with my rain boots. we are going to busco beach this weekend, i orderd my wife some chest high neoprene booted waiders but i dont know if i want them because they might get too hot. are the atv riding boots like motocross guys wear good for keeping water mud and sand out? or any other suggestions.
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here we just wear regular rubber boots....about knee high...keeps everything out until you slip into a hole that is wait high hahahaha

been there done that...

those motorcross boots aren't meant to get wet i don't think.

some guys we ride with wear those clog things, rubber shoes...or those aqua shoes from walmart.

i don't like either one... i wear steel toe knee high rubber boots...b/c having your foot run over sucks without them...
Sunday I wore my Hip waders they worked great!
Going to busco this weekend to and i will have my hip boots and chest waders, good thing i had them last time
If its cold waders or boots all the way!!! Durin the summer I wear old tennis shoes or crocs(They might look gay but they are comfortable and still give some protection...not much but some)
thanks you all. just ordered the wife some neoprene chest high waiders from bass pro. i cant stand to hear her [email protected] because she is wet and cold. and it wont take her 40 mins to get ready if all she has to wear is a shirt and waiders. I think im goin to get some crocks. i just cant stand for all the rocks and gravel to build up in my shoes. maybe all the holes will let it flow out. i think it is supposed to be hot this weekend maybe i will be fine. hope so atleast.
i also wear steel toed knee high rubber boots and the work well since i dont go through to much water just some mud and when you are done with them you can just hose them off and they are ready for the next ride.
i usually wear leather boots with no material in them, they dont keep the rocks and stuff out but i just empty them out, also whenever they get wet they dry really fast because they are just leather. best boots i used yet.
i wear a pair of sandels when in mud and water once things warm up. other wise i wear rubber boots up to my knees. i always take my leather boots when i'm in sandels in case things get rough.
Flip Flops when it is hot so about 95% of the time the other 5% is worn out work boots.
I were wal-mart water shoes or old t-shoes because i can't stay out of the water Kenny
If I dont wear a lace up boot I lose em walking around in the mud.
Going to Busco's? After all the rain you might need chest waders too! Staying in the deep keeps me pretty cool! Maybe see you there.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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