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Atv Mud Mania 2005-B ride

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Is anyone going to the Atv Mud Mania 2005-B ride October 14-16 in Perkinston, Mississippi?
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we will have a crew there for the weekend
Are you riding in the mud bog competition?
I dont know, there will alot of mean bikes there to compete against.
yeh im only 14.....i want to race.....i dont know if i am old enough.....they may not let me
I dont know if there will be an age group or not gona call today and find out some details
I'm goin.
Aite.....we mite all have to meet up and ride
Sounds good. I will be with the rowdy bunch.
QUOTE ("raveer2000":1850af1r)
Sounds good. I will be with the rowdy bunch.
Who you talking bout Rav?? Im coming with my little clan for the wkend. Hope to see all yall there!!!
Is anyone competting in any events?
me and you in the buddy run
yes indeed
our pics are up
Great pics on the slide show. I even saw a few members from the Forum!
I got to meet a few of the forum members, and seen a few more. But I did't have a change to catch up with them. We(I did) videoed the intire mud bog and I was limited to one area. By the time we gathered every thing up, most of the people had left the area. Got to see foreman450rider win a few races in the bog, (great job) sorry I didnt get over to interduce myself.
Yeah ole 450foremanrider knocked me out of round 2. Good job Seth. Hope to see you out there on the next ride. I have come to the conclusion that the foreman of mine on 29.5s isn't a drag race bike for sure.
you made a good run....yeh we need 2 ride again.....i better be glad that it wasnt thick mud, because I wouldnt have stood a chance aginst you
yes i saw you there to dirty4man.....sry i didnt get to make it over there to talk to you....thanks for getting some awesome pics....hope to see you at another ride soon.
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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