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ATV exhaust

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I was looking to upgrade my muffler. I am in Canada..does anyone know any good suppliers up here? lol. Which mufflers are the best? I was thinking of a Cobra, because it's one of the cheapest, any one have any ideas?
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royal distributing is great place to order from
but id stick to hmf pipes
Check out Supertrapp
Ok thanks everyone. I was going to look at the HMF but I cannot find one up here in Canada. Where can you order them from? I checked the HMF website and didn't find a muffler for my 400 Foreman? Will a rancher 400 fit?
I wouldn't expect the Rancher 400 to's completely different from yours I think.
call them....what they have on their site isn't always what they have

They are in West Virginia, but they have the largest stock of HMF exhaust, at least that is what the guy at HMF said.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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