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ATT: Need assistance with snorkle!!

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I have a honda Foreman 500 ES 4x4. I used 1 1/2 inch spa flex tube for my snorkle. However, its started acting like it was either flooding are not getting enough air. It would run sputter out and die. Should I have used 2 inch vac hose or do i need to adjust carb?? Thanks for your help
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your not getting enough can either adjust your a/f screw or go to bigger tube....i had that problem when i used 1 1/2 hose so i changed to 2 in.....then rejetted.....i would suggest going bigger on your hose.....i used a shop vac kit i got from lowes....i think it was actually 2 1/2 in. but it works great
i used 1-1/2'' spa flex then connect it to to 2'' pipe when i got to the A arms, no problems with lose of flow.

i used old pvc i had laying around...

it is 2" pvc that is used for drains in your house, it cost me 10 bucks for fittings... a 2" piece of pipe that is about 4" long will slide right into the airbox connection if you take that clamp off and spray a little lube on the inside of that rubber a glove.

i ran it along the right side of my bike and up behind my winch and straight up and out of the little square cover in front of the headlight under the rack.

Does anyone have pictures of your setup?

i think so, let me check
Probally not getting enough air i am running 1 1/2 inch pvc from the box to 2 inch and i have no problems
cra5h, i like your set up, i was wondering if you had any pix of it comeing out of the air box? like a 90 deg or somen right? also have u heard of any one having 2 diffrent snorkles, one for woods riding that is only a few IN high, and then a tall one for some deep stuff? what could i used to seal the pvc, yet easy remove and replace. 0-ring woudl be nice, not sure how i'd do it yet thow.

this is how i ran my snorkel, the paint is KRYLON spray paint, just before you paint wipe down the stuff to be painted with pvc cleaner the paint will stick better, straight from air box with 1 1/2' flex up to 2" pvc fittings route them how you like. i also cut some 2'' pvc in half and put it over the flex by the motor. 1 shorty for trail riding just screw on tall one when goin deep.
use tread tape on treads also called "T TAPE" i bungie the tall one between the front rack and plastic.
note the bearing grease to help seal the air box.
the only hole i cute was the one through the fender.
hope this helps...
nice pix, thats how i want to run it and have it come up on the right. do have question about yoru 1 1/2 flex, what is it? and where can i find it. hhow do u have it connected to the pvc. also by running 1 1/2 for half of the snorkel and then 2 for the rest? is the 1 1/2 restricting the air flow? if not, why not do it 1 1/2 all the way?

how come not 2 in all the way? if i were to guess, thats the size of the oppening in the air box. 2in seems like it would be better, better air flow, but if i'm just spinning my wheels here and its gotta go down to 1 1/2 i'm just wasting my time ah?

aastelly i'll prob end up doing it like yours, 2in looks better than a 1 1/2 comeen out of the plastic. sorry for such a long reply, i'm new to this whole mudding thing and i want to do it right the first time.

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the flex hose is called "spa flex" i got if from LOWES, i used 1 1/2" flex so i would not have to cut the in side fender. just use a 1 1/2" to 2" bushing from the flex to the hard pipe. mine runs just fine with 1 1/2" up to 2". some people say that 1 1/2 all the way gives them problems. i used the 1 1/2 in my air box just put some silicone on the hose then tighten the clamp. if anything else just ask.
Don't tell me you painted the pipe after it was on the machine

If so you should be slapped................. however, I really enjoy the zipties
the pics were taken before i wiped the over spray off with paint thinner.
i was just goin to leave it white but after seeing it on it looked funny white.

QUOTE ("aastelly":3it1251l)
the pics were taken before i wiped the over spray off with paint thinner.
i was just goin to leave it white but after seeing it on it looked funny white.

Just razzin ya, looks like it works just fine
I used a peice of 1-1/2" pvc coming out of air box with 2- 24" peices of 2" flexible radiator hose up and over the carb and next to the head out the left side of the bike. That runs all the way to under the rack just in front of that storage box. From there i used an 1-1/2 45 degree fitting to angle up through a hole that I cut. Then I put a 1-12 to 2" reducer to upsize the stack coming up to a 2" pipe. I had to play with jets a lil but I like it because it is a straight shot to the air box. I now have my filter at the top of the stack, I run a 175 jet with ported head and hmf exhaust. It is a bad ass bike after the port job.
well this is a pretty old post but i have a question for you cra5h or any one else that might know. i have been shoping around for the black pvc piping, i think its called abs plastic. i don't like the idea of painting the white black, it just seems like it would chip off pretty easly.

i think it was you that said u put a 2in pipe strait into the air box? was that a miss print. and it was realy a 1 1/2. well thansk for any help, i appreciate it

the nozzle on 2 1/2" shop vac hose fits right into the airbox. no leaks. the black 2" piping will fit around the shop vac hose. a little silicone and no leaks.
use krylon spray paint its made for plastic, thats what i used, it hasn't chipped off so far. just wipe it down with pvc cleaner before painting. the directions say use paint thinner.
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