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AT transmission

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I have a 04 model 400 AT. The wife and i were riding it Sat. and all of a sudden i had to give it more and more gas to make it go. Finally i was in the conner and the bike would not move it will just sit there and bogg down. I lifted the bike up and the front and rear wheels both turn smoothly. Is there and sort of engine break that could be getting stuck? Does anyone have any ideas?
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We had a lot came in with the same trouble .. Honda Canada were replacing ECM's and centrifugal clutches , the product update expired in June but it's possible your Honda dealer .. If it isn't flashing a code then it's not the angle sensor , it's possible it may clear up if you re-initialize the ECM ..

Here's the front page from the Honda ECM update ..
When the picture opens click again for full size .

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