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Where do my differential and brake ventlines run to I'm trying to put a new tube on them and run them to my snorkel... I also found this plastic white T on the front of my fourwheeler hanging... the only piece of tubing left is the one connected to my frame what is this for? Please respond ASAP... and if you could contact me instead of replying that would be great... 941-374-1418 or nextel 157*134*5668
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All of the ventlines run up the frame to the frame by the steering stem. You can "T" the vent together until you do the carb vent, those need to be run seperately and vent to the atmosphere. Make sure they are not kinked or restricted by zip ties that are too tight. Some prople "T" the two of them together but I would run them seperatly.
My snorkit instructions said, tee the rear brake & diff. together and run to snorkle. Front brakes are tee'd, so run the one tube to the snorkle. Front diff to snorkle. Carb vent to atmosphere as said, and I put a golf tee in the drain when I'm going to be in water, out all other times. There is a vent from the engine to the intake box. Was told to take a 27" peice of 1/2 hose and loop over the top of the carb and back to the engine. That makes it open to the air box, but the loop stops any water from getting down into the engine. This can happen with 2" of water in the box.
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