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QUOTE ("kybmu":1dg7xnlm)
Artic cat's new Thunder Cat is the new hot machine on the market. 950 cc V twin this machine is the quad to beat. Maybe Honda can take a little learnings from Artic Cat on how to up grade their line up. They better have something in their line this September or things like this will start to cut in to their market shear.

good luck Honda you won't see me on the quad lot, but I'll still be on your car lots. Great cars.
I wouldn't buy one...I have no interest in that 950 Thundercat.I need a dependable workhorse,and the Foreman 500 has never let me down.I'll bet there's a lot more guys out there that feel the same way.Who cares who has the biggest,fastest machine out there,my Foreman will get me there and back without any worries.I've seen a belt-drive utility ATV (I won't mention the brand name)in the woods logging and it couldn't take it,smoked the belt in no time.So I'd say Honda has nothing to learn from Artic Cat,KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK HONDA! KEEP THE FOREMAN JUST AS IT IS
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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