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Next question: Spark arrestor

I rode the bike for about 2 hours when I first got it. the place I was riding was a construction site that had a road bed in it, ready for asphalt (Cinders base) Wide open, at the end of the straight, I was getting about 44 mph. So when we get back to the truck, I take the arrestor out. 53...53mph...I WEIGH 365lbs...and this thing gains 9mph by removing the spark arrestor?!?!?! Ok...maybe its just me or something. Put the Arrestor back in...44...44....44. Wow...ok, so...why not take the thing out and leave it out? Well, theres laws about that kind of thing in some places, and it is loud (Like I care)...but, I heard that running the bike with the arrestor out can cause a lean condition that will smoke the rings...err..that dont sound none too good. So what have you guys heard? I think that with the 162.5 jet that comes stock in the honda, that it shouldent be a problem...but I dont want to find out the hard way on some trail, 20mi awa from base in the Mts. of West Va.
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