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are the extreme winches any good im looking for cheap

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are the estreme winches any good im looking for a cheap winch just to hold up till next year or so untill i can get enought for a relly good one please let me know something soon. also are the 07 winch mounts the sae as the 04 mount. thanks kyle <a href="" target="_blank"> ... 3389QQrdZ1</a>

or also would a venom winch be better <a href="" target="_blank"> ... 3756QQrdZ1</a>
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Get a Gorilla off E-Bay and you've got a good one!!
i bought a warn winch used one but it still works fine.
I put a 2000lb on 3 weeks ago and have pulled my quad up right using a tree and pulled a 650 artic crap out of a nice mud pit. It runs strong with no complaints yet. Cant beat the price either!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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