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are spacers really worth $150

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if i was to get spacers (due to the bearing wear) i would get 1'' on the front and 2.5'' on the back, and something that im concerned about is if i do alot of road riding or jumping with the spacers will it bend my axle or tear out my rear end
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good points but i would put them on anyway and 29.5's till something broke it would be bad to the bone .

and let me give you a price on some tires and rims if your in the market .email me [email protected]
ill be putting a order in to my warehouse soon
yes they do add to the wear of the bearings, riding on the road will not effect it much at all. but jumping will take them out quick.
im not talking about taking out bearings im talking about bending the back axle
IMO if you want to jump get a sport quad, 4wd are made for mud!!!
reguardless if you have spacers or not, if you keep jumping a 600lb bike its going to break.
ive been jumping it for 2 years and it hasnt hurt it yet
the only reason i jump is because its fun if ALL YOU DO IS MUD it will eventually get a little old so it is occasionally fun to go out there with a foreman and show the sport bike boys up in everything (acceleration, jumping, wheelies) if you dont have fun doing that its because you cant do it
Not trying to ruffle your feathers. I love jumping and wheeling also but I have a 250r for that and it can take the abuse with the long travel suspension where as the foreman is alot shorter traveled not to mention over twice the weight. Hey it's your bike man we are just trying to help.
personally i just prefer to make a utility bike tough enough to handle the abuse that a sport bike can take
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