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Are all rubicons 500's?

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I don't know anything about the rubicons nor do I know anyone that owns one. That is why I ask such a noob question.

I found a HL fender bracket kit off e-bay for my 06 foreman and it said it would fit a TRX500 Rubicon. I figured they shared the same frame geometry and were the kit would be bolted to so I bought it. Needless to say it doesn't fit. Did I buy a kit for an older rubicon? The listing didn't give me a year, just a make and model.

I need to find out exactly what this kit will fit so I can post it in the classified section.
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Here is what the kit looks like
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Yes all Rubicons are 500's. What I think you have is a fender kit for a foreman rubicon 500. If you are wanting a fender kit for your bike you need one for just a foreman 500.
do you want to sell those by chance. and is so how much for.
Yes I want to sell it. $75 plus shipping but you might want to make sure it fits your bike first. The kit looks exactly like the one pictured.
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