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Are 29.5 Outlaws to much tire?

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Hey, (new on here first time posting)I was wondering if the 29.5 outlaws are to much tire for my 06 foreman? Im runing 26" vampires now . I have a HMF pipe rejeted the carb highlift ,lift kit detroit locker and high lift springs.Also after market front bumper and 3000 pound waren winch. Also do the outlaw clutch kits make a differance? Thanks
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Welcome to the site, nice mud hole you got there! I would say with the mods you have a clutch kit will finish it off and be one bad bike that will handle the 29.5 outlaws!

I just seen that you have a lift kit, you might want to take the back part off, it might cause you to have problems with your back drive shaft.
That back driveshaft problem depends on the driver. ride the thing like **** you are gonna break stuff.
ya nice mud hole u got there.. get rid of the lift and get clutch kit. and u should b good... adam h
preflex long travel?

Hey I was wondering what the high lift preflex long travel was?
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That back driveshaft problem depends on the driver. ride the thing like **** you are gonna break stuff.
Not true the lat time I broke mine I was not hard on it at all. That ujoint was the worse part of these new designs.
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why would he need to get rid of his lift kit?
The lift causes to much strain on the rear ujoint and it tends to snap and then bend the shaft......also a lift on the front will put your axels at a greater angle makeing them more likely to snap then you have to go with gorillas if you want to have a lift
Yea i run 28inch laws on my foreman and would never think of puttin 29.5s on it. Id say its just to much tire for it and its gonna cause alot of excessive ware. I spoke with the owner of a atv shop a while back (Turner cycles) and while he dose make an upgraded ujoint and shaft, he said the trick is to make a limiting strap, thus not letting the rear swing arm drop to the excessive angle that makes the ujoints blow. Just a thought, im gonna build one out of an old rachet strap!
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