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Anyone who has purchased a triangle atv snorkel

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I bought one Friday morning at around 10 am. I paid for it via paypal and sent them an email and no reply as of yet. Are they not open friday or saturday? I just wanted a confirm that it had received my order, i could really use it by friday it at all possible. Thanks for anyone who has any info, especially anyone from texas
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Hi...ordered one back in feb. and it took about a week and a half to get it to alaska.
We got ours with in a couple of days, but we only live about 2.5 hrs from
Triangle ATV. You'll love it.
They still havent responded to my email and quess ill have to call
They wont answer the phone either, what do i have to do to get through I need that snorkel by this weekend, but i quess i wont have it. This sucks
Keep tryin'. They have always answered when i have called.
They called me back but they say they are backordered, that really sucks. I guess i wont be able to go deep this weekend.
Well, that stinks.
everyone is getting there bikes ready for Mud Nationals, that may be why they are on backorder.
yeh prob so, Dirty are you goin to nats?
no not going to be able to make it. But we will be going to the Mud Bug Classic the weekend after in Bayou Pigeon.
has anyone noticed any kind or performance increase with the snorkel like triangle says...............
Maybe a little, but not enough to brag about. It definately sucks more air
thats for sure.
finally got it yesterday, only took about two weeks. even though it was suppose to be here in a week
Now the fun part. Puttin' it on. It ain't that hard at all. The hardest part for
me was cuttin' the plastic. It wasn't that it was hard, but i didn't want to cut
I currently have a 135 oem jet, i can just drop it all teh way to the richest needle setting? The instructions say add an extra washer, should i do that also? How many turns out of the a/f screw? 3?
You got it. No more than 3 turns out on the screw. Probably 2.5 would be
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