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anyone who has a clutch kit

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I'm wanting to put one in mine wandering how much it helps and how bad does it affect your top speed. I would do it if it didnt affect my top speed much. finally got my carb figured out 170 jet 2 3/4 out on a/f screw thanks everybody. Is the high lifter clutch kit the way to go
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It will not affect your top speed, all the clutch kit is is stronger springs for the centifugal clutch so that it will engage at a higher rpm.
marcust, do you have a clutch kit on yours? I just put outlaws on mine, its not really boggin the motor down until Iam in some deep stuff turning all four tires. When I say deep stuff , I mean really thick mud not just water.
No i don't have a clutch kit. I just got the outlaws a couple days ago and have not had a chance to try them out yet, but if I bog bad I will definitely be getting a clutch kit.
get the clutch kit I dont know if has affected my top speed as much as the 28" Outlaws have. It is deffinitly a mod that should be considered if you are going to use a big tire.
A clutch kit will not affect top speed. I installed one on mine last friday night it took me about three hours and 30 minutes of that was spent looking for an e-clip i dropped. I didn't even have to remove the clutch just did it wile still mounted to the atv.

My freind put EPI clutch kit on his rancher he didnt like it at all we both are runing 27'' tires.. you cant baby it threw the stew you have to keep the RPMs way up or eles it lits the clutch slip..where i could crawl threw he could NOT.... were boh on ranchers..
I have been thinking of a clutch kit myself..... that doesn't sound like a good deal to me. Anyone else seen this same problem? Is it that noticable? Also, how does the clutch do on rocks and climbing?
i have had no problems like that with mine so far.
Mine works fine. I lost top speed only because of my 28's. Don't like speed anyway. got in a bad accident once with no helmet. (DUMBASS!) Like i said before my bike works like i have stock tires, as far as turning them over. Love the kit!
I have the EPI clutch kit on mine. It does really help. In shifting also. If you do alot of water riding you are also able to turn up the idol on the carb so the foreman wont suck up any water in the motor. All it does is engage at higher RPM's. Works good in the mud I got first place also at the north east mud sling mud bog for atv's and there were alot of atvs out their.
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