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anyone running "Carlisle ACT XLR's ??"

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These are a 6 ply radial with over 1" tread.
The same tread design as a "DucksUnlimited Wetlands" radial.
Just wondering if anyone is running them and if they are worth getting.
I need long-wear ability, good clean-out, and mainly used for making trails for others to follow.
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those look like some pretty nice tire. keep us updated on how they hold up to some trails.
some info off another forum....
"these are a full 6 ply radial"
"and have been holding up well"
"stiffer sidewalls than expected"
These are only quotes mind you... just to let you know they sound like they are performing well though.
I'll keep you updated on anything I find as to wear etc, but one thing I will say about radials and the sidewalls, I'm running these at 5psi right now, which with my original Dunlops would mean zero traction. Especially in snow. But these still have enough traction that when I got stopped on a hill in 3rd gear with more than 6" of snow, it wasn't cause they were spinning, it was because the bike ran out of power! Just downshifted, hit the gas and started moving again!

Now with 5 psi, the sidewalls stay pretty stiff, but the ride is still way better than the original bias tires. And if you put 5psi in the Dunlops or any bias tire, the thing rides terrible. There really isn't any need to air these down any more than this, but I would imagine that if you did, the traction and ride would both increase again! And by an even larger margin than bias tires since the tread contact patch will remain flat with a radial vs. the center losing contact with the ground on a bias.
QUOTE ("GM DOC":1eemcglz)
I'll keep you updated on anything I find as to wear etc,

well...I know its only been a couple weeks, are u still impressed?
I am about to order a set of these. 26" for my 04 Ruby, are they still working good for you? I am looking for a good tire for hardpack trails, decent mud, and even some minor rock climbing.
Tires are still impressing me. I love the look, and they hook up so well. Hard to believe that the ride has improved too! There is just no downside! The only thing I have to wait for is to get them off the snow. That should happen soon, but I've never done this much snow running that I can remember. These tires should be more popular. I'm suprised how few people run them.
Well, I finally got these things out in some mud and trail riding not snow related. I am even more impressed now. There is absolutely no roughness to the tires at all, and the ride has improved so much I can't believe it. Putting radials on your bike is the equivalent of putting $600 shocks on it. I also learned that you have to check your tire pressure carefully, as 1/2psi and 5psi look the same when walking around the machine. (I didn't ride it for a couple of weeks and found a leaky valve stem)

Very good traction, and the 26" size is perfect for this bike. No rubbing and more clearance, with not noticeable power loss till top speed. Even then, it's likely the same, just won't pull the same numbers on the speedo, but likely is doing the same ground speed.

Excellent traction over wet logs, rocks, and uneven/slow going stuff in the woods as well as really good side bite when trail riding. You will never drift these tires though, you will flip the machine first, so keep that in mind. I have found excellent bite in the mud too. Haven't found anything I couldn't get through yet, but haven't buried it in the swamp yet either. Have to go out with the guys so I have someone to winch off of before I try the big holes.

All in all, these have worked out way better than expected. I just wanted more traction for light mud/rocks/woods and figured if I could give up just a little ride/roughness for that I would be happy. I never would have figured on making the machine ride better with the extra traction and clearance, not to mention the looks! I love these tires
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QUOTE ("GM DOC":vummax48)
I love these tires
how many miles on them now? wearing good? still happy with them?
I think these will be my replacement set
Haven't been here in awhile, been riding as much as I'm allowed. I think now that these tires are by far one of the best investments I've ever made. Still showing almost no wear, and I went riding with a big bunch of guys over the summer running all different kinds of tires. 2 guys had Kodiak 450's, one with Mudzillas and one with mudlites, there was a Bruin with Bearclaws, some Grizzly's with stock tires and with mudlites, and a bunch of others. My buddy was with me with his Rincon, using the same 26 inch ACT XLR's as me. We were the only ones to make it through this mudhole. And as I said, trailrunning with these is better than stock.

Man I love these tires!!!
still lovin your tires?
How are they holding up to everyday use?
Good wear so far?
If you had 1 complaint about these tires what would it be?
GM DOC....Help!

After reading your comments, I think I'm going to replace my OEM's with this Carlisle tires...I'm worried about the weight of the ITP tires...where's the best place to buy them?
go to the Carlisle website and use the dealer locator
go to the Carlisle website and use the dealer locator
OK, not sure if anyone else has had difficulty dealing with ATV direct, but these tires have been on backorder, and they weren't willing to do much. I called Dave at, and they had the size I wanted in stock, beat the other guy's price, and should be at my door in 2-3 days. I'll post a follow up once they arrive, but so far, would highly recommend tiresunlimited for these tires.
Did u go with the "ACT" or the "ACT XLR" ?
What size and price did you get?
just curious on where to order mine from. Im in need of a set very soon.
ACT XLR tires are on!

I didn't ride much this weekend, but, man, these tires grab. Well, I guess I'm comparing to the almost worn out stockers. My only (very small) disappointment is that the 26" tires, even with the XL lugs, and 5 PSI, are only 25" tall. I really wanted a slightly taller tire than my 25" OEM's. Other than that, great so far.
Do radials tend to weigh less than bias ply tires?
I don't know if there is any weight difference, I wouldn't think so. I think the weight difference is more a factor of how big the tire or lug is. I didn't find the Carlisle's to be as heavy as the 589's I was looking at, but I don't know if that means anything. The actual handling of the Carlisle's feels very good to me. They don't roll over under hard cornering and you can still ride the machine hard, they just have more bite.

As for the size, I find my 26" ACT's are taller than anyone else's 25" tires, but they still don't measure 26". I think all the manufacturer's fib just a little about the sizes. A friend of mine just brought over his new Grizzly 660 with 25" Dunlops on it and I would say my rears are 3" taller than his!
still lovin your tires?
How are they holding up to everyday use?
Good wear so far?
If you had 1 complaint about these tires what would it be?
I still think this was the best thing I ever did for my bike, I have found these tires are very tough, no cuts from rocks, very very little wear even after a year and a half of running.

I can't come up with any real complaints, the only thing I would like is if they made more sizes. There really aren't any choices for width, but maybe that's a good thing. If you could buy wider, I would have and maybe I wouldn't have the handling I do. They really are a fantastic 'do a little of everything' tire.
I went and bit the bullet. Got 26x9-12 and 26x11-12 XLR's .
-First impression- Looks super aggressive, DEEP lugs, I was wondering about the sidewall but they seem to be very solid on my 600lb machine.
-First Ride - smooth... cant feel those big lugs touch the ground. I suppose since only the bars are touching the ground is why the steering is noticeably lighter (added bonus). Got a short 2 mile hardpack and gravel test ride and was still impressed.
When I get more miles and different terrain I will check in.
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