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Anyone Mount a winch on the 05 Rubicon Yet?

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I went to buy a Rubicon today but was told by the dealer that a winch mounting braket was not available for it. Has anyone put a winch on the 05 Rubi yet? If so what name brand and did it mount under the cowling?
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Is it like the 05 foreman in the front. If so I can help you out.
Let me know.
I looked at your pictures. The Rubicon radiator is sitting where your winch is sitting on your foreman. The winch will have to mount more forward it it is to work.
Just to let you know, They didn't have any mounts for the foremans so I got a 450 foreman mount. All I did was turn it around backwards and it bolted right up. worked great.
Well, it looks like we have been able to find that Warn makes a mount so the dealer ordered a few. If it works I will have a new Rubi, if not, I may have a new Foreman.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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